A brief history

Audacious Form. Effortless Function.

Odddot was founded by Paul Adams and Mags Gesta. Having both worked in exhibition design and manufacturing, they soon both grew tired of having to dismantle and throw away projects that they spent months designing and building.  So both armed with creative, project management and marketing skills, they set about designing furniture and lighting that would stand the test of time, in both style and quality.

Mags Gesta

With creative energy aplenty and a passion for fashion and interiors, Mags effectively uses 3D and spatial design to visualise and manage client projects, whilst adding her own keen design flair. As a project management whizz, she liaises between clients and contractors to ensure that every project stays on time, on budget and stylistically on point.

Paul Adams

With decades of creative industry experience and design under his belt, Paul heads up the product innovation and production side of Odddot, using his eye for detail and woodworking skills to visualise, realise and perfect personal, residential and commercial projects.