New Collection

We are constantly working on new ideas for our collections and are continually improving the ways that we bring them to life.


Odddot create contemporary furniture and lighting for those that appreciate the smaller details; those with an eye for the offbeat and an appreciation of the one-off and individual. All of our pieces are designed and manufactured within the U.K.

We are distinctive, special and our originality is mirrored in the natural quirks of the materials we work with. We enjoy letting these peculiarities shine.

With everything we do, we aim to make the ordinary, extraordinary, and we do this by analysing the minutiae, the commonplace that is so easily overlooked. We appreciate the small details and the subtleties so often unnoticed in design and in life, and we aim to highlight these through our work.

Our ideas and inspirations are quick moving and ever-changing, and we are fearless and relentless in our search for the new, avant-garde or just a different way of looking at ‘the every day’.

Bespoke Projects

Odddot is passionate about bringing vision to life. We work closely with our client's to conceptualise, design and then realise their projects.

Create something truly unique

If you have a bespoke project in mind, or would just like to inquire about any of our furniture or lighting ranges, please feel free to get in touch via our contact form. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.

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