Bed & Headboard

This custom bed was made for the same client as the walk-in wardrobe and was to be situated in the same room, so it was key that the two projects appeared cohesive and complementary.


Initially, odddot were commissioned to just create the headboard to be attached to an existing Ikea bed that the client had, but after seeing the finished headboard he felt that the bed looked too “poor” in comparison and so the custom base was commissioned to fall in line with the headboard style.


The design concept behind the headboard was to keep the look very organic and plain and have the side tables look as if they were literally ‘growing’ from the headboard. The in-built lighting sconces were purposely made ‘against the grain’ so that their shape remained distinct and as if a circle was just ‘thrown’ against the backdrop.


The bed itself is made totally of plywood with the corners showcasing the ply’s natural edge grain. The focus of this design was simple but with added interesting details and accents. The edge of the bed and the actual base are separate pieces and so from certain angles, it looks like the bed is floating.


The client’s style really reflected everything that odddot loves about design and so it was a pleasure to work with him.

Photography by Alex Sedgmond